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     In October of 2014, The Rhythm Surf Monkeys returned to the studio to record their third album in 3 years.  The album will be called "Roll On"  We have recorded 8 new original tracks that, once again, feature some of the areas finest talent.  "Roll On" will be available in early 2016.

   The new cd was recorded at Shamrock Manor Studio and at Prescott Studio.  Below are the musicians who make up "Roll On"

Rob Fahey: performs vocals on: "Rusty" and "Pamela Sweet Pamela"

Jeff Wolinski: performs bass on: "Rusty" and "Pamela Sweet Pamela"

Lee Townsend: Performs bass on: "Carolina Moonshiner"

Scott Wilson: performs vocals on: "Carolina Moonshiner"

Kyle Reitz: Guitarist on: "Rusty", "Uppercut", "Pamela Sweet Pamela" and "Carolina Moonshiner"

Tom White: Drummer on: "Rusty", "Carolina Moonshiner" and "Pamela Sweet Pamela"

Jim Hiltz: songwriter/producer 8 tracks on: "Roll On" project. Guitarist on: "We Loved" Rhythm guitar "Uppercut"

Megan Wheatly-Shurman: Vocalist on: "Uppercut", "We Loved", "Roll On". "Hold On Now" and " Love Leaves a Scar"

Ian Trusheim: Bass on: "Love Leaves a Scar", "Hold On Now", and "Roll On"

Steve Kilgallon: Drums, Engineer, owner of Shamrock Manor Studio

Frank Grolcholski: Guitars on: "Hold On Now", "Love Leaves a Scar", and "Roll On" and "Uppercut"

Dave Prescott: Engineer and owner of Prescott Studio.  Guitar opening solo and closing solo "Rusty", Piano on "Pamela",

Jim Frattali: Guitar work on Pamela Sweet Pamela

"The Rhythm Monkeys", clap and scream on "Chanceville" track
Eric Scwelling- Harmonica on "Chanceville" track

The music of Jim Hiltz

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